Selling an old or unwanted car may not be a big problem in a big and busy city like Brisbane, where the demand for cars is considerably high. There are many places including free local advertising websites, online forums, groups, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but this may work well if your car is still in a good condition.

What if your car is broken, too old to be driven, damaged or there are some missing body parts?

Selling your old or broken car by yourself through online ads websites may not work. It will be worse if your car is involved in a major accident. In this case, finding an individual buyer for your car would be very difficult.

What about selling your car to a local junkyard?

Taking your car to a junkyard is a good idea but you have to remember that selling your car to a junkyard requires you to do some tiresome homework such as flattening the tyres and making sure that the fuel tank is empty. On top of that, you need to bring your junk car to the junkyard by yourself and you will have to pay for towing charges. So, it’s not really worth trying as you will eventually end up wasting your time and spend more money instead of getting some money out of your old metal piece.

So, what is the best way to sell your old car profitably and effortlessly in Brisbane?

You can still sell the old/junk cars that are damaged, not running and can earn a good amount of cash. The good news is that TrueBlue Car Wrecking located in Rocklea offer top cash for car service and you also receive free vehicle pickup service. With TrueBlue Cash for Cars Brisbane, you will save a lot of time and money for selling your own old car as it offers maximum cash payout and free pick-up services. TrueBlue Car Wreckers are not just about buying and removing junk cars, our first priority is our customers’ 100% satisfaction.

Just call 0424 195 541 or request a free quote online. You will receive instant cash for your car when it is picked up, all paperwork will be taken care of by our highly energetic and experienced staff.